Snow and Ice Removal


Barnds Companies offers snow and ice removal services to commercial and residential customers in the Greater Kansas City Area. Our fleet of over 30 trucks, material spreaders and loaders can handle all of your snow and ice removal needs. Using 7ft – 10ft. Meyer plows and Hi-Way material spreaders, we offer 24-hour service to meet your specific needs.  We guarantee that we use only our own equipment and staff and do not "contract out" any work, we stand behind our staff, employees, and exclusively in-house services.  Our staff will also remove snow and ice from your pedestrian walkways to allow optimal access to your business or home, in addition to preventing injury to your customers and family members.  We have the staff and equipment to take on Kansas City's largest storms and guarantee timely removal of snow and ice from your property.  Since we also specialize in lawn and landscaping, we take extra care to prevent damage to landscaping and stand behind our work.


Personalized Service

With Barnds Companies snow removal, we will coordinate a snow removal plan to fit your needs based on snow fall amounts and timing.  This allows you to take as much control of your service as you prefer.

Snow Removal

When mother nature strikes and the snow falls, you can depend on Barnds Companies Snow Removal to clear your parking lots, driveways, and walkways efficiently. We pride ourselves on making your property safe as quickly as possible. We know that parking lots and walkways cleared of snow means higher traffic and business as usual for our customers. When the snow falls during business hours, we guarantee that our plows will service your parking lot to keep your driving lanes navigable during the storm. Additionally, when the snow falls after business hours, our crews will work around the clock to ensure all walkways, parking lots, and driveways are cleared before the next business day.

Ice Control


We offer straight sand, straight salt , a salt/sand blend as well as calcium chloride/magnesium chloride ice melt material to treat your parking lots and walkways.  During the storm, our crews are on-call to visit your property as soon as the precipitation begins to freeze to prevent dangerous driving and walking conditions.