Barnds Heating and Cooling

Barnds Heating & Cooling prides itself on providing Service when you need it!

Our Technicians bring over 40 years of expertise to any of your heating and cooling needs.  We take pride in doing the job on time and correctly the first time.


Barnds Heating & Cooling provides year-round services for your heating and cooling equipment. Our service includes annual service contracts (for those who prefer the peace of mind that their equipment is operating at peak efficiency) and scheduled fall and spring tune-ups. Besides regular tune-ups and emergency repairs, we can install new programmable thermostats, high performance air-filters, and humidifiers. These service items may be installed at the time of regular maintenance without the cost of an additional service call.


Whether your equipment is old or new, seasonal tune-ups of your furnace, air-conditioner and humidifiers are wise investments to provide peak performance of your equipment.


If your old furnace or air-conditioner needs to be replaced, Barnds Heating & Cooling offers several brands of quality equipment to fit your budget including Bryant and Carrier Heating and Cooling Systems.


If your business uses commercial roof top units and they need service or replacement, call Barnds Heating & Cooling for a proposal. We provide service for all makes and models.


Remember to ask about our 24-hour service agreement


  • Customer Service
  • Service Contract (14 Point Checklist)
  • Spring TuneUp
  • Fall Tune Up
  • Emergency Call Service
  • Please Ask About Additional Services We Provide


Customer Service


   We offer year-round service for your total heating & cooling needs. We are available seven (7) days a week, 24 hours a day and for emergencies (even holidays).

 We service all makes and models of heating, cooling, humidifying and air-cleaning equipment.


Service Contract


We offer annual service contracts for a competitive, yearly fee. 


Barnds Heating & Cooling Year Round Heating & Cooling Service Agreement

 (Includes Two Routine Calls)

 Summer Cooling—14 Point Check:

  1.  Check voltage and amperage to all motors.
  2.  Check air temperature drop across evaporator.
  3.  Check for adequate refrigerant charge and possible leaks.
  4.  Check evaporator superheat.
  5.  Lubricate all moving parts where required.
  6.  Check belt and adjust tension where applicable.
  7.  Replace filter
  8.  Check pressure switch cut-out settings.
  9.  Check electrical lock out circuits.
  10.  Check starting contactor.
  11.  Check all wiring and connections.
  12.  Clean and adjust thermostat
  13.  Check air temperature across condenser.
  14.  Check that condensate drain is open. Turn exposed dampers to cooling position, if marked. (No balancing)

 Winter Heating—14 Point Service Check

  1.  Check and adjust thermostat
  2.  Clean and adjust all safety controls
  3.  Vacuum accessible areas and adjust pilot.  Vacumming of heat exchanger and burners can be done at an additional cost, if requested.
  4.  Adjust burner for efficiency.
  5.  Check for gas leaks in furnace.
  6.  Lubricate all moving parts.
  7.  Check belt and adjust tension where applicable.
  8.  Replace filters.
  9.  Shut down Central Air Conditioning.
  10.  Check flue pipe.
  11.  Turn exposed dampers to heating position, if marked. (No balancing)
  12.  Check gas valve pressure
  13.  Check that crankcase heater is operating.
  14.  Check total performance and operating efficiency of heating system.

 Routine Services

  1.  Maintains high efficiency
  2.  Lengthens equipment life
  3.  Avoids costly breakdowns


 Spring Tune Up

   The Spring tune up will provide maximum efficiency and performance from your air-conditioner with our 14 Point Tune Up.


Fall Tune Up

   A furnace that is not properly maintained is a potential safety hazard for you and your home. The Fall tune up includes our 14 Point Tune Up service, insuring that your entire heating & cooling system is inspected.

   We believe that these seasonal tune ups will save you costly breakdowns at inopportune times. Additionally, these tune ups will prolong the life of your equipment and maintain everyday energy efficiency.

 Preferred Customer Status for any Emergency Service Call


Additional Services

   Qualified service technicians to replace or repair existing Furnace or Air Conditioning Units. We install all major brands.

   Electronic Air Cleaners are designed to clean air twenty (20) times better than the standard furnace filter. We can service your existing model or install a new unit for you.

   A functional humidifier helps reduce heating costs, lessens dry skin, sore throats, dry noses and static electricity. Finally, your furniture (especially antiques) benefit from a controlled environment. Barnds Heating & Cooling can install a new humidifier or service your existing humidifier.


We are a proud dealer of Carrier and Bryant Heating and Cooling Systems.  We also service all other makes and models of Heating and Cooling Systems.