Barnds Irrigation Systems

Barnds Irrigation and Sprinkler Systems brings over 35 years of experience to ensure that your newly installed or seasoned irrigation system is working as efficiently as possible. With rising energy costs and unseasonably warm and dry summers, it is important that your lawn and landscaping are properly watered. Our staff will work with you to design or maintain a system for your home or business.



  • Design & Installation
  • Spring Opening
  • Backflow Testing & Service
  • Seasonal Calls
  • Diagnose & Repair
  • Fall Winterization
  • Rain Sensor Installation and Service
  • Please ask about the other services we provide


Design & Installation

Barnds Irrigation Systems will professionally design and install a new Sprinkler System to irrigate your lawn and landscaping. We proudly install Toro, Hunter and Rainbird Irrigations Systems.


Spring Opening

Each Spring, Barnds Irrigation Systems will open your sprinkler system and check all components for proper function including adjusting heads for maximum coverage.


Backflow Installation,Testing & Service

Barnds Irrigation Systems' licensed technicians install, service and test backflows in Missouri and Kansas per local building codes. Backflow installation and testing will ensure that your water supply is free of contamination.


Seasonal Calls

Our professional technicians will inspect your system to ensure optimal coverage of your turf and landscaped areas and ensure conservative use of water.


Diagnose & Repair

Barnds Irrigation System Technicians can diagnose and repair all brands of systems; repair leaks, replace valves, control wires, controllers and backflow devices.


Fall Sprinkler Winterization

Barnds Irrigation System Technicians will winterize your system at the end of the growing season using an air compressor to blow out all lines, valves and heads leaving them free of water. The use of an air compressor gives you assurance that your system will not experience any freeze damage during the winter months.