Lawn and Garden

With over 45 years of experience, Barnds Lawn & Garden is a full-service lawn maintenance and Landscaping company providing residential, commercial, and Homes Association clients all the services they need to establish and maintain a beautiful and healthy lawn.  Our services include: landscaping design & installation, turf management, tree and shrub spraying, tree and and shrub trimming, lawn renovation, drainage improvements, lighting, seasonal color, and more! Contact Barnds Lawn & Garden for a complimentary consultation with one of our professionals. 

Personal Attention


Individual Attention is given to the specific needs of each lawn maintained by Barnds Lawn & Garden. We tailor a program to fit the needs of your lawn, assuring you the proper fertilizer, herbicide, and fungicide mixture and timing of application to promote a healthy, beautiful lawn.


Maintenance is piviotal to the development of a healthy lawn. As Barnds Lawn & Garden visit your lawn throughout the season, we will be sure to advise you of your lawn’s maintenance needs. We will let you know if your lawn requires water; if you’re cutting at proper intervals; and when it’s important to perform leaf removal. We will also consult you if your lawn should need aerification or over-seeding and when the time is right.