Barnds Tree And Shrub Care

Our staff work together to monitor the health of your trees and shrubs to prevent and treat any diseases. Additionally, we provide full tree trimming and pruning to prevent falling limbs and allow your lawn to obtain adequate sunlight. If and when mother nature strikes, we will ensure that storm debris is removed from your property as quickly as possible.

Tree & Shrub Care~


Barnds Lawn & Garden offers programs to protect landscaping against insects and disease. Our scheduled treatment programs will protect your trees and shrubs from unnecessary damage.


Our Treatment Programs Include:

*Applications to protect trees and shrubs from any and all insects.

*Iron deficiency treatments (inject treatment into the base of trees).

*Deep root fertilizer application for trees and shrubs. Our application helps young plants mature, old plants remain strong, and gives all plants the nutrients they need to grow and flourish.


Barnds Lawn & Garden is happy to give free on-site estimates for any of the above applications.


Barnds Lawn & Garden offer the following services to maintain the health and appearance of your trees and shrubs:


  • Tree and Stump Removal
  • Tree Planting
  • Tree Trimming
  • Shrub Trimming
  • Bed Maintenance
  • Mulching
  • Storm Damage Clean-up and Debris Removal

Tree Trimming and Tree Removal

-Barnds Tree and Shrub Care provides tree pruning, tree trimming, and tree removal services in the Kansas City area.


  • Tree pruning: many trees benefit from yearly pruning to remove excess growth and suckers.  Excess growth increases the chances that the tree will be negatively impacted by high winds, ice storms, or heavy snows.  Working with Barnds Tree and Shrub allows us to monitor the health of your trees and remove growth before it can lead to falled limbs, thus increasing the longevity of your trees.


  • Tree Trimming: Work with Barnds Tree and Shrub Care to monitor the ongoing health of your trees to remove dead or damaged limbs.  Weak limbs are more prone to falling at unexpected times which can lead to damage of other property such as vehicles or permanent structures.  We pride ourselves on timely clean-up ensuring that when we leave your property, it looks better than when we arrived.


  • Tree Removal: Unfortunately when draught and disease leads to the death of your trees, it is best to remove these trees as soon as possible.  Diseased and dead trees can fall at any moment, damaging other valuable property.  Call Barnds Tree and Shrub to remove any tree no matter how big or small.
    • Storm Clean-up and Debris Removal: When mother nature strikes, call Barnds Tree and Shrub to coordinate your storm debris clean-up efforts. 

Stump Grinding and Stump Removal

Barnds Tree and Shrub Care offers stump grinding and stump removal services. We work with our landscaping and turf management departments to not only remove new and old tree stumps but also haul-off all debris and replace the hole with topsoil. We can then either seed or sod the bare ground. After losing a tree, call Barnds tree and shrub to remove your tree and stump leaving you with a revitalized yard with no sign of the old tree.