Turf Management


Our trained and certified turf specialists will ensure that your grass remains green and well groomed throughout the growing season.  Our individualized approach to turf management ensures that the same staff members will mow and treat your lawn throughout the season.  This allows for better observation of your specific turf needs and efficient treatment of problems before they impact the beauty of your property.  At Barnds Lawn and Garden we guarantee that we use appropriately sized mowing equipment on your turf to avoid unnecessary rutting.


- Mowing- We guarantee personalized service and use appropriately sized equipment to ensure the health of your turf.


-Turf Treatment Progams- Our lawncare specialists monitor your turf to ensure healthy, green grass year round. 

- Lawn Fertilization Application


- Fungus Treatment 


- Grub Worm Treatment


- Weed Control


- Yellow Nutsedge Control


- Soil Testing


- Granular Lawn Treatment Program


- Organic Lawn Treatment


- Leaf Cleanup- Our mow crews continue visiting your lawn regularly during the autumn season to prevent matting of leaves.


- Traditional Mowing Program- For our customers who prefer the looks of a lawn cut with 21 inch lawn mowers or have experienced turf rutting due to the use of unneccessarily large equipment. 


- Brush Hogging- In addition to our mowing programs, we offer brush hogging of vacant lots, easements, and open fields.  Our tractor/brush hog operators are skilled and experienced thus preventing damage to your property.